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From the Hearts of the Healing: Neil Willenson

Camp Hometown Heroes changes lives. Not only of the children who attend the camp, but for those involved in the camp as counselors, staff, volunteers, parents of campers and even its founders. Here we share a story from our co-founder, Neil Willenson. It’s an amazing testament that miracles do happen and we’re so thankful that

From the Hearts of the Healing: Krista & Larson

Although the focus of our camp is to help children that have lost a loved who served in the U.S. Military, the healing that occurs here extends beyond the kids. It lovingly spills into the lives of their family members and we’re so thankful it works this way! We wanted to share the impact that

From the Hearts of the Healing: Vol. 1 Victoria

  Unless you’ve experienced losing a loved one, it’s difficult to imagine the heartache that comes with it. The devastating loss that you feel is like a gaping hole that can’t be filled…and that can be crippling. What if the loved one you lost was a parent who sacrificed their lives by serving in the U.S.