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From the Hearts of the Healing: Vol. 1 Victoria


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Unless you’ve experienced losing a loved one, it’s difficult to imagine the heartache that comes with it. The devastating loss that you feel is like a gaping hole that can’t be filled…and that can be crippling.

What if the loved one you lost was a parent who sacrificed their lives by serving in the U.S. Military? 

This is a loss experience that many do not face, but for those that do, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind place for them. Camp Hometown Heroes. A place to connect with others who understand this type of loss. A place for children to grieve, learn to talk about their loss and to find hope again…to live and have fun again.

We wanted to share with you what we see happening through camp. Thanks to your support, these kids are on a path to healing. The following words are from Victoria, one of our campers. Let her words speak for themselves as they come from a heart that’s healing:

“My whole life I’ve never made connections with other kids my age because I couldn’t trust them or we just couldn’t relate, but after going to camp I finally know what it feels like to have a friend standing with me through everything. Camp changed me forever. Before camp I painted myself as a victim and was convinced that I was, and would always be, a problem in my family or a glitch in the environment as a whole.

I never saw my place in this world

or had any desire to find it until I met my friends.

I saw their tears,

heard their laughter,

and felt their pain.

I also felt their love. They have my back now and I have theirs.

We talk through all the hours of the day and then recollect our favorite parts that made us laugh. I never knew that something as simple as going to a camp with other kids like myself would change me so drastically. I’m a happier person now and more me than I’ve been in a long time. I don’t hide behind my pain anymore or let someone else take the reins of my life and tell me what to do. This is me and this is my life. Going to camp showed me that


I’ve got dreams and goals now that I never thought I’d ever had before, but now I see a future.” – Victoria

Please share Victoria’s story. The more support we have for this camp, the more kids like her are able to be served.


For more information on Camp Hometown Heroes, please visit: www.hometownheroes.org If you’d like a simple way to help our organization today, please vote for Coach Wojo in the Infiniti Coaches’ Charity Challenge. Camp Hometown Heroes is his benefiting charity, which means our camp has a chance to win $100,000. Please vote now and every day at www.espn.com/infiniti Thank you!